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The Demise of Australian Industry

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Huntsman Chemicals plant closure costs 325 jobs in Melbourne: 8 September 2009

Authors, publishers protest cheap imports: 15 July 2009

BHP Billiton Technology Centre at Shortland: 22 September 2008

Imports puncture tyre-maker South Pacific Tyres: 27 June 2008

Cheap imports lead to tyre firm closure: 26 June 2008

Cheap labour draws Fisher Paykel factory to Thailand: 17 April 2008

Australian pork industry set to go belly up?: 8 March 2008

OneSteel set to close two mills amid rising competition: 18 February 2008

Mitsubishi Australia's 380 sedan reaches the end of the road as assembly plant axed: 5 February 2008

Desert Boots discontinued:  19 December 2007

Cheap imports hurting locals: 4 November 2007

Vestas Blades Australia closes plant: 23 August 2007

Do imports cost jobs? What's wrong with "fair trade": July 2000

Import Tariffs and Protectionism (history): May 2000

CSR CHEMICALS - later ICI Chemicals: February 1997

Why the Batteries have gone Flat: 20 October 1986

KRIESLER Radio manufacturer, Sydney, 1928-1983


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