Buoyant Economies


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The following is a list of papers available in PDF format. The first 3 were presented at the Australian Economic Society Conference in Adelaide in 1995. (Note that these are large files and they may take a while to download.)

1.     The failings of monetary policy in Australia (pdf 720 KB)

2.     The failings of the floating exchange rate system (pdf 624 KB)

3.     An introduction to the optimum exchange rate system (pdf 243 KB)

The following paper was presented  at the Australian Economic Society Conference in Canberra in 1996.

4.     Floating exchange rates and sunken economies (pdf 693 KB)

The following paper was presented to a conference of Post Keynesian Economists in 1999 in Knoxville Tennessee.

5.     Generating balance demand and supply to achieve full employment and price stability (pdf 167KB)

Other papers of interest include:

6.     Submission from Buoyant Economies to the Financial System Inquiry (pdf 107 KB)

7.     Submission to the Industrial Relations Commission regarding the ACTU Living Wage Case (pdf 352 KB)

8.     Rising foreign debt, slow economic growth and high unemployment (pdf 173 KB): A brief explanation of their cause in Australia and how to overcome them. The updated graph of relative exports and imports is available here. The updated graph of the current account deficit and money is available here.

9.      Submission to the NZ Inquiry into the future monetary framework (MS Word 293 KB):          The causes of inflation and an approach to reducing inflation and managing foreign debt.

10.    Submission to the Australian Senate inquiry into Competition within the Australian banking sector.  Considers the difference between banks and non-bank financial institutions and the environment required for healthy competition.

11.    International Monetary Alliance (MS Word 45 KB):  An international institution for mutual support of currencies to provide balance of payments stability and exchange rate stability suitable for economies with fixed and variable exchange rates.